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The "Real Estate Underground Podcast" delves into the world of multifamily real estate investments in the US, offering valuable insights and strategies for both seasoned investors and newcomers. Hosted by industry experts, each episode features in-depth conversations with leaders in the field, providing practical advice on finding profitable opportunities, analyzing market trends, and managing portfolios.

Explore the underground realm of real estate investing, unlock the secrets of success, and elevate your journey with this captivating podcast.

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Testimonials From The Web:

Excellent Host, Great Podcast

Ed Mathews is a host who has in-depth understanding of the challenges beginner investors face - the typical hesitations and fears preventing them from taking the most crucial first step towards optimizing their financial lives. Ed is keen to the idea that each investor's first step is a unique set of actions, based on that person's money situation at the very moment he or she commits to building wealth. Excellent questions and insights, Ed! Thank you!

Alexandra Dotcheva

Great for Beginners and Experienced Investors Alike!

I love the way that Ed brings out the process of real estate investing with his guests. You will truly understand the steps you need to follow to get started and, more importantly, to grow.


The Real Deal in Real Estate.

Ed Matthews, Rich Brown & Rob Faraci go above and beyond to help out anyone involved within the Real Estate industry especially at CTREIA which is our local reia in Connecticut. They all have personally helped me get started and they certainly can educate you on the steps needed to take action and get involved in the real estate industry in numerous ways. Learn it, do it, live it.


Love this podcast!

I appreciate that the speakers are so down to earth and there is so much to learn.I LOVED the most recent podcast I listened to who is a mom kicking butt in Real Estate.

Some of the things she shared really hit home. These are top notch real estate investors who are givers. We are lucky to have great content right on our phones. Thank you!

Nidia Angeles

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